Our vision is to make a change for people and to shape a better future by creating employment in Ethiopia.

We believe that every human is equal, and should have equal chances for a decent life. But reality is different, and it makes a big difference where we are born. This is especially true for Africa.

The key to a decent life is employment and the ability to manage one's own living.

How do we make a change?

We help each other to develop business ideas and grow enterprises.

The increasing growth enables us to create employment and pay liveable wages.

Our goal is a fair, well-balanced economy and the increase of livability in Ethiopia - a country full of smart, talented and creative people.


We like to share our stories and keep you up to date with interesting articles about our community.

New Stories

All Natural - How Shimena Dyes its Cotton Yarn

The concept of ‘Natural Dyes’ is by no means a new one and refers to all the dyes derived from the natural sources.

Ethiopia has a long tradition of using natural sources for textile coloration, and Shimena wants to maintain and develop this ancient knowledge.

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