Who We Are

The Ethiopian fashion community is an association of several Ethiopian entrepreneurs and international brand specialists.

Together we create a network of innovative fashion businesses, which produce valuable handcrafts and share the same ethical principles and visions.

Our Purpose

The common goal of the companies and their supporters is to create valuable and sustainable products and sell them on the world market under fair trade conditions. In this way, we want to support small and medium-sized enterprises, increase employment and livability, and build a cooperative, autonomous and independent community.

Our brands combine unique handicraft out of local sourced material with well executed ethic. The outcome is valuable, fair fashion.

Over time the project will enable ​ the brands to soon be independent of support and successfully expand their business into the ​world.​ More and more companies might join the ​ Ethiopian Fashion Community and will learn from each other.​

This leads to a successful, independent, organically growing group of businesses in Ethiopia, ​that improves the living-conditions of many families.

This project is supported by

The project is implemented by:
Sequa GmbH is an important partner of the project. Sequa is a global non-profit development organization and acts as the operational sponsor of this project. Sequa's shareholders are four leading associations of German economy: BDA, BDI, DIHK, ZDH and GIZ (since 2010).
The project is supported by:

Invest for Jobs focuses on three main aspects of support:

  • Overcoming investment barriers
  • Promoting small and medium-sized companies
  • Investing in up-and-coming clusters and industries 


The developmental objective of Invest for Jobs is to create jobs and apprenticeships and to improve working conditions in our partner countries. The Special Initiative thus contributes to the implementation of the G20 investment partnership Compact with Africa and the Marshall Plan with Africa.

The project is financed by:

As a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education work, we are dedicated to shaping a future worth living around the world. Together with our commissioning parties and partners, we generate and implement ideas for political, social and economic change.

GIZ works flexibly to deliver effective and efficient solutions that offer people better prospects and sustainably improve their living conditions.

On behalf of:

The German government is actively engaged, in close cooperation with the international community, in combating poverty, securing food, establishing peace, freedom, democracy and human rights, shaping globalisation in a socially equitable manner, and preserving the environment and natural resources. Development cooperation is one of the most important instruments for achieving these goals. The German government regards it as an imperative of humanity and of reason. Development cooperation guarantees a future for people in developing countries – and thus for everyone else, too.

Business Scouts for Development work as development policy experts in around 40 countries across the globe. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ), they advise German, European and local companies on development policy matters and promote responsible business engagement through cooperation projects. The Business Scouts for Development work closely with partners from business associations and institutions and from TVET organizations both in Germany and in each country.