Ethiopian Leather and Ethical Consumption?!

A blog article by ENZI founder Azariah Mengistu.

ENZIs shoemakers are aware of the origin of leather and treat it respectfully and economically.

Chances and Relations

Though there are many challenges to working in Ethiopia, being at the source of sustainable and ethical supply of premium leather is a major benefit.

There are many movements globally that are justifiably looking to move away from animal products. The industrialization of meat and leather production in the developed world has created unsustainable practices that are harmful to the environment. This however is not the case with Ethiopian Leather. 

The Ethiopian Highlands. Home of animals and farmers.

Recycling Creates Sustainability

Almost all the Ethiopian leather is a bi-product of our traditional methods of agriculture. Cattle have a close relationship with the millions of small stake-holder farmers in Ethiopia and often share living quarters when the sun goes down. The cows live a full life outdoors, and they often have the scratches and marks to prove it.

When the cattle do come to the end of their lives, selling of the hide is a vital source of additional income for them. Though the system is quite archaic and with its shortcomings, it does create a sustainable, ethical product for us to work with. 

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