ENZI’s Summer Release 2022

A blog article by ENZI founder Azariah Mengistu.

ENZI Footwear Jagama Brown

ENZI's Summer Release 2022

New Shoes Telling New Stories

At ENZI we never set out to start a company, but rather build a brand. Our goal wasn’t to simply make products, but to tell stories that shifted the narrative of where we were from.

We were convinced we could build an operation that generated profits while investing in people throughout the value chain.

It’s taken over 10 years, but we stayed true to our convictions along the way. We are very excited to share our latest collection that has classic ENZI elements and some new concepts as well.

Our trending sneaker Jagama in grey.

Makeba - Our First Slip-On Shoe

We are launching our brand-new classic slip-on shoe that is named Makeba. We have taken another classic silhouette and upgraded it with subtle design elements and premium materials. As always, each pair is fully handcrafted and has a full leather lining. This is a staple design for everyone, and the upgraded materials we use make it even more versatile.

The Makeba sneaker has a simple slide sandal, which is the first one, we are using. We carried over our subtle design ethos from our traditional shoes and have focused on premium materials and comfort. Whether it’s in your house or for your summer vacation these sandals are your simple solution.

Makeba ENZI Slip-On Shoe
Makeba ENZI Slip-On Shoe

New Colors for the ENZI Classics

As always ENZIs products are fully handcrafted, and we are using some of the highest grades of Ethiopian highland leather. We have new colors for our classic line of shoes, and are offering full suede leather. We have looked to stay true to our earth tones, but in a light and subtle way to match the season. These new colors include beige, burnt orange, a mustard yellow light grey and a subtle pastel pink exclusively for women.

ENZI Footwear Nkrumah Olive

Soon available in new colors: The Nkrumah here in Olive.

Lastly, we are proud to deliver our first sneaker to incorporate textiles. We have borrowed designs inspired directly from Ethiopian culture and traditional handwoven fabrics from our friends at Shimena. This is bold both in design and in execution. There has never been a shoe we’ve developed that has so beautifully told the story of Ethiopia craftsmanship and potential like these.

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